Huguette de Chassiron

A lifelong passion for art has led me through two careers, ​as a London film producer and then as a hotelier and co-restaurateur in Greece. Now I’m back in London​ again to enjoy everything this amazing city has to offer to offer and working part time at the Tate.

​This first exhibition of my sketches ​was kindly set up by a friend who is himself an artist in the art of framing​ in the Harrow Road, London. My pre-occupation with nudes ​stems from art​ that inspires me and my love of the human body, most especially the woman’s body. I try to draw anything that brings excitement and an extra beat to my heart.

I hope to sell these works and embark on a new career creating pencil and graphite sketches from photographs. I would welcome any small commissions which I would then interpret in my own style.